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Another StuIG 33B from Dragon!

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Another StuIG 33B from Dragon! Empty Another StuIG 33B from Dragon!

Post  Andy J Sun May 19, 2013 8:18 pm

I'm not really seeing the point of this release TBH. As much as I like the "panzer box" this looks identical to their last rendition (not the Orange Box horror) apart from the new hull with the side escape hatches. Now, I'm not an expert on StuGs but I have been studying the StuIG 33B as I have two on the workbench at the moment. I'm fairly certain that most of them were built on StuG III ausf F hulls and that gun G2 was one of those. The only one photographed that might be a StuG III ausf A or B is gun G7, have a look at the idler to see what I mean, now that one might have the side escape hatch of course.

So to me it looks like Dragon have tried to depict three dissimilar vehicles in this kit but have missed or more likely mismatched details:

1) Gun G7 based on an AusF A but haven't included the early idler or the very distinctive spare track brackets on the side of the superstructure.

2) Gun G2 as depicted on the box art but with a peculiar nose down attitude and with an Ausf A hull, which I don't think it was based upon.

3) The tired looking and nose down StuIG 33 seen in winter whitewash over grey with winterketten, which aren't included (I'm building this one btw).

If I can find some aftermarket early idlers then I'll be getting this as I do want to depict G7, but outside of my obsession this kit appears to be a weird chimera and a somewhat pointless release.
Andy J
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