Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale

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Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale Empty Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale

Post  ShawnGehling on Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:15 am

Flat Bricks, Round Style in 1/32nd -1/35th Scale
By Shawn Gehling
Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale Flatbricksroundstyle35thscale_zpsa2622096

Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale Flatbricksroundstyle35thscale3_zps7fbaef49

Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale Flatbricksroundstyle35thscale1_zps405af1c0

Here is another great product for roofing that scratch built building or one of the after market building. This is an overlapping flat brick roof tile with a round edge.
Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale Flatbricksroundstyle35thscale5_zps47c25718

The Kit:
Contains 1 plastic bag that has 10 sheets (12 bricks to a sheet) of plastic “Flat Bricks, Round Style” with no flash. These can either be attached as one long sheet or individually. They measure 1,21 x 0,56 x 0,07 cm or 2 1/2 inches long x 7/16th inches wide x 1/16th inch thick (with the grip end 1/32nd inch for the shingle itself). They also come in various colors. What is really cool is that you can put them with some balsa wood or sheet plastic and make a damaged roof with missing parts. There are small injecter pin/mold release marks on the bottom well hidden that will need to be sanded only on bottom shingle/brick if it hangs over. But that is to be expected and they hid them quite well.
Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale Flatbricksroundstyle35thscale7_zps1a1dbca9

Juwella Flat Bricks - Round Style in 1/32nd-1/35th scale Flatbricksroundstyle35thscale6_zpsb833e5cf

Conclusion: This is another excellent roofing item. I received 4 different colors: Dark grey, Light red, Terracotta and Dark red. Juweela makes a lot of different diorama items that will assist you in creating that brand new or destroyed buildings or dioramas in various scales. Check out their website www.juweela.de to see what items they make that will assist you in building that perfect building or diorama. (Their website is in German, but if you are like me, and can't speak/read/write German, just pull up a translator program and you can pretty much understand all that you need to). They have items in 1/16th 1/24th, 1/32nd, 1/35th, 1/45th 1/48th, 1/50th, 1/72nd, and 1/87th scale. It doesn't matter if you build Dioramas, Cars, Aircraft, Armor, Figures, Science Fiction/Fantasy or if you are a Wargammer. Juweela has something for you. They also list distributors in various countries on the website. I will be following this up with reviews of some other cool stuff that they produce. They are currently working on their site to add English.

I highly recommend this Flat Brick, Round Style roofing set for anyone who enjoys building diorama's. I would like to thank Till Kleina of Juweela for the review sample.

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