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New from Inside the armour Empty New from Inside the armour

Post  Jenny Ryan on Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:39 am

The Churchill Oke was the predecessor to the Churchill Crocodile and was built on a MkII chassis with a purpose designed fuel tank in an armoured box on the rear of the tank and a Ronson type flame projector at the front
New from Inside the armour DSC_1490

New from Inside the armour DSC_1482
Only three of these were built and they were originally owned by the Royal Tank Regiment until they were handed over to the Calgary Regiment before the Dieppe Raid. All three were subsequently lost on the raid, unfortunately without the opportunity to test their flame equipment in action
New from Inside the armour DSC_1483

New from Inside the armour DSC_1485

New from Inside the armour DSC_1487

This conversion kit from Inside the Armour for the AFV Club Churchill series contains 20 resin parts, three turned barrels (2 besa and 1 2pdr) and 2 sheets of PE comprising over 50 parts including the armoured box for the fuel tank
New from Inside the armour DSC_1488

New from Inside the armour DSC_1489
The instruction disc provided includes three seperate sets of instructions to allow the modeller to model each individual Oke tank specifically

Construction options include either the inverted MkI/II air intakes seen on the Oke; 'BOAR' and ARVs, or the standard intakes seen on later churchills with etched grills provided. The modeller can also chose to attach the armoured box, or leave it off to depict the famous picture of 'TINTAGEL'

This kit is available now from Inside the Armour

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