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Another Tasca Sherman

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Another Tasca Sherman Empty Another Tasca Sherman

Post  G Cooper Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:07 am

I guess that just like an endless run of Dragon Tigers, Tasca has sunk their teeth in the Sherman, and they are running with it Very Happy . And this is only a good thing in my opinion, as I have ALWAYS liked to have a choice. And by the time they are done with em, we should have a choice of just about every major Sherman ever built.

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-35024-package

Another Tasca Sherman L-m4a3e8-jgsdf-tsf-lh

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-m4a3e8-jgsdf-tsf5c-lh

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-m4a3e8-jgsdf-atu-fh

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-m4a3e8-jgsdf-tsf-fh

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-35019-pe

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-m4a376w-ts1

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-t84-1

Another Tasca Sherman Ss-35024-decal

The one thing I can pick out (besides the Japanese marking on the turret) Suspect that is different would be the tracks. But I'm sure that there is more to differentiate this from their recently released Korean conflict Sherman. Build one, and you could tell us all about it maybe What a Face

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Another Tasca Sherman Empty Re: Another Tasca Sherman

Post  The Zod Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:16 am

I so want one.needs a 1/35 Godzilla to go with it. As far as the tracks go.................. Those were probably post 1953. The T80 tracks had a steel chevron molded onto rubber pads.
The Zod
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