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Monroe Perdu curved road

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Monroe Perdu curved road Empty Monroe Perdu curved road

Post  Jenny Ryan on Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:26 am

When you think of excellence in diorama buildings , bases and Accessories , then Monroe Perdu are mentioned . Most regulars are aware after being a part of our Monroe Perdu group builds of the quality and attention to detail that Michael Bishop spends on his projects . For those who have not , I urge you to build one of their tremendous aceessories , buildings or diorama bases , see the presentation and the completeness of the sets , this is how all accessories should be made !

This is Monroe Perdus latest diorama base and it is another beautiful example of Michaels artistic capabilities .

One of the great things about the Monroe Perdu kits , is besides amazing kits , also included are superb photo reference photos .

The base is 8"/205mm x 10"/255mm of a curved section , there are three resin pieces which can be adapted to tast or used in combination straight off the box art .

If wanted , the base can be used as is in its simplest form , there is a recessed cut out in the gutter for a drain the grate is included in laser cut cardboard . Of course a building fascade can be added which will change the base again

The raised tier gives a park like feel to the base with the steps , this really gives some added dimensional height to the base .

And then there is the beautiful WW I memorial which can be used with the added tier .

The attention to detail is brilliant , the road even has a realistic camber , the road is sealed over the cobblestone base which I believe is common practice in parts of Europe .

The fence for the tier and the drain grille are included in laser cut cardboard . Put a sharp blade in that scalpel .

The Bench also comes in etched cardboard , a thinner type for the slats and pins and a thicker black etched cardboard for the seat frames .

Of course there is a professional set of instructions on an A4 sheet

My initial thoughts about the memorial plate were of disappointment as it appeared to not have any engraving on it . If you look very closely , you can see that it does (and bare in mind this is heavily magnified) .

A light brush with some pigment from ModelMakerZ (a full review on Model Makerz pigment is on its way) and like magic , the beautiful laser etch work comes to light !

Here is what the finished memorial can look , detail of Mike Bishops own superb handiwork .

And the bench and drain

The base is large enough to take any sized 1/35 tank or a couple of smaller vehicles and figures . The variation achievable with this base is amazing , the use of some greenery in trees and even flowers and Ivy can significantly change the look of the base . A base in itself or the fundamentals for a somewhat different project , the curved road section is a great set from Monroe Perdu and the level of detail that Michael Bishop creates means I can not give this anything but top marks .

Monroe Perdu products are available from his website or contact Michael for information on local agents . My thanks go to Michael Bishop for his continual support of Tanks and Things

Jenny Croft
Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan
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Monroe Perdu curved road Empty Re: Monroe Perdu curved road

Post  ShawnGehling on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:27 pm

I agree with you 100 percent Jenny, I love everything that I've gotten from Monroe Purdue's line(s). His bases are super detailed, his Lazer cut stuff is out of this world and super sweet. His printed stuff is amazing and I bought a bunch of it, cause I know that I'm going to use it in future diorama's.
Thanks for posting this one.
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