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Monroe Perdu Studios paper zimmerit

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Monroe Perdu Studios paper zimmerit Empty Monroe Perdu Studios paper zimmerit

Post  tigertanktoo on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:08 pm

I've never used a paper zimmerit, much less ever heard of anyone making it. But this product is very good. Excellent looking as a matter of fact. Monroe Perdu's paper zimmerit is easy to apply. You can put it on using white glue (after painting your subject model with primer) right out of the bottle or thinned out with water. I used the thinned out glue and had no problems installing the patterns on the parts. There are some sections for extra if you need to fill in some areas and they require very little trimming down. You can make a worn out pattern either by cutting out the sections you want with scissors before you apply them or after they are on the subject model, you can soak the zimmerit with some warm water and gently scrape off the sections you want to look worn. I did a little of both on my model. I let the sections that I installed dry over night (approx 24 hrs because I was working) and then went back and worked on the areas that I wanted worn out. I am certainly not an expert on all after market zimmert out there, but I do like this new type and would highly recommend it to all modelers who would like good looking zimmert without all the hassle. Here are a couple pictures of what it looks like installed on the model. You can also go to the "active group builds" and then the panthers subject and look at more in Chris's gunze sangyo Panther G.

Monroe Perdu Studios paper zimmerit Gs_pan16
Monroe Perdu Studios paper zimmerit Gs_pan15

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Monroe Perdu Studios paper zimmerit Empty Re: Monroe Perdu Studios paper zimmerit

Post  ShawnGehling on Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:40 am

That is really cool looking... Pretty sweet stuff.
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