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VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set"

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VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set" Empty VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set"

Post  Jenny Ryan on Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:42 am

Well this is the "Basic Set" for the Marder II which I will use in the xLbL group build.

I used the term Basic but it is anything but basic , just because I also have the seperate Fender set as well . The set contains four large frets of PE specifically for the Marder II plus a smaller fret with some catches , plus a heap of smaller goodies in various materials .
VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set" MarderIIetchfretA
Fret A carries a host of smaller fittings . A full new radio rack , a new floor , cartridge case bases ,tool clamps, fire extinguisher bracket , MG brackets , gas mask holders , workable headphone stowage box , workable flare case , spare wheel bracket , main gun detail parts , working hinges , exhaust guard & many other assorted bits .
VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set" MarderIIetchfretB
Fret B carries outer rims for the idler wheels , some panels for the ammo storage boxes but the majority of parts are a full replacement gun shield.
VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set" MarderIIetchfretC
Fret C is the rest of the three ammunition boxes , full replacement for the dragon kit parts with working hinges , of particular not is the fine weld marks etched into the brass & the texture of the internal face of the Right hand ammo box which is beautifully fine & makes you immediately want to have the centre box folded upwards ( the 7 round rack folded upwards to access the engine hatch ) just to show off the wonderful detail !
VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set" MarderIIetchfretD
Fret D is a full replacement to the superstructure , the additional cheek armour & the armoured guard in front of the gun mount
VOYAGER Marder II "Basic set" MarderIIetch2
The other bits includes a printed acetate sheet for the instrument panel , a PE fret of trunk brackets , two 5cm pieces of 1mm plastic rod , one 5cm piece of .5mm plastic rod (you need a whole heap of .5mm for the ammo boxes which you will need to get yourself) , a turned brass 75mm cartridge & a spent cartridge case (a set of 75mm ammunition is also available if needed ) , 3 beautiful turned brass cleaning rods , a resin cleaning rod head , a resin canvas covering for the muzzle brake , 12 tiny turned brass spacers for the gun shield & a 8cm piece of .3mm steel wire to make the workable hinge pins .

As you can see this is an awesome set , there is not a detail that is not improved , or more often than not replaced altogether ! I think if you want to make your Marder ultra special then this is the way to go . Highly recommended . Very Happy

Jenny flower
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