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Some recent stuff from CMK

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 Some recent stuff from CMK Empty Some recent stuff from CMK

Post  G Cooper on Wed May 18, 2011 12:27 am

These guys have been putting out some really fantastic, and I do mean fantastic detail pieces and sets for several years. But they seem to be almost invisible here in the U.S. . And that is to bad as they have been offering lots of usefull stuff for both armor and airamaplanes. And they are also usually at a fairly decent price.

Anyways, here is thier latest few super sweet detail pieces.

First there is this. I know, I know, it says Luftwaffe. But I figgured that it might look good as background clutter for a little dio with one of the nice 1/48th armor kits that we all have to consider now.

 Some recent stuff from CMK 013401

Then there is some braille scale stuff to consider. For detailing out a Panther or other variant.
No doubt this would look way cool stuffed into a dragon JagdPanther Very Happy .

 Some recent stuff from CMK 013404

And then there is pretty much the same thing in 1/35th also. Along with a naval gun incase you were detailing out a 1/35th warship maybe Shocked
OK. You could also maybe use it for a Pacific diorama, as I believe that the U.S. Navy and (Marines too maybe) scavenged these off of older ships and used them throughout the Pacific in the early years of the war to bolster the somewhat weak island defences.

 Some recent stuff from CMK 013428

 Some recent stuff from CMK 013429

And that Salamander lizard thingy too What a Face

I know that the engine and radiator stuff has been available for years from other manufacturers. But I will always feel it is way nice to have options.

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