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Mini Art stuff Empty Mini Art stuff

Post  G Cooper on Tue May 10, 2011 10:48 pm

If you have never tried one of these guys kits, you are missing some really cool stuff. And this time around they have something to put either in front of one of there way kewl buildings, or behind something with guns and armor and stuff Wink .

This one looks like it will be a real winner pulling up to a nice little T-34 or something like it full of hungry hungry guys Suspect

Mini Art stuff 35057

Mini Art stuff 35057_05

Mini Art stuff 35057_04

Mini Art stuff 35057_03

Mini Art stuff 35057_01

Mini Art stuff 35057_02

And this one would look great as "background" stuff and clutter either on the side of the road, or next to a barn or something.

Mini Art stuff 35553

Mini Art stuff 35553_3

Mini Art stuff 35553_2

Mini Art stuff 35553_1

Mini Art stuff 35553_4

I really like the horses in the first set, as they are not two of the exact same mold like so many manufacturers tend to do when they give us something with horses. And I am maybe just a bit surprised that there is not a horse in the wagon kit, as they obviously have two to chose from, along with all the harness stuff and stuff What a Face .

Anyways, I look forward to seeing these on dioramas in the near future.

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