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Pit Road Artillery releases.

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Pit Road Artillery releases. Empty Pit Road Artillery releases.

Post  G Cooper Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:07 am

These are two upcoming released from Pit Road. First up is a big piece from the Russo-Japanese war. I believe it is a Japanese coast defence gun.But I may be wrong about that. It is a big one at 280 mm and 1/35th scale.

Pit Road Artillery releases. 280mmRussoJap35th

Pit Road Artillery releases. PitRoad35th280mmRussoJap

And then there is a 90mm not sure what the heck it is really. Anti tank (I don't think so) or howitzer (I think this is the real answer, but I'm not sure) Japanese something or other Rolling Eyes

Pit Road Artillery releases. PitRoad35th90mm

I wish I knew more about what these REALLY were, but here they are anyways. And I really like the little 90mm one.

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