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Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior

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Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Empty Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior

Post  Kreighshoer on Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:58 pm

Griffon offers this highly detailed set to improve the exterior of the DML Panzer 38(t) Ausf. G! Included are five frets of PE, a length of 0,3mm copper wire (10cm), a length of 0,2mm copper wire (5cm), a length of 0,5mm plastic rod (5cm) and the main barrel of the Panzer 38(t)!

Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Frontp10

Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Freta12

Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Fretb11

Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Fretsc10

Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Fretew10

Again the amount of details provided is extraordinary! Each and every lifting hook or ring found on the real vehicle is this set. No other competitor in the market includes those plus all the hinges (Commander cupola, RO hatch, smoke candle cover, gear inspection hatch, toolbox and engine bay covers can be made workable)!

The hinges for the engine bay covers deserve a special mention since they (Parts A65 + A66) are one piece hinges that only have to be wrapped around a length of the 0,3mm copper wire! A brilliant solution!

A small issue arises with the fenders since the LHS and RHS fenders are reversed in the instruction page! B2 is actually the LHS fender and B1 is the RHS! Watch out for the small oval recess for the light - this side had to face up and the ribs of the fender have to be pressed through with a ballpen from the underside! This is only a minor issue that can be avoided when checking the instructions thoroughly and does not lessen the quality of this set!

One of the highlights in this set is the smoke candle rack that is tremendously detailed and has to be built from no less than 37 (!) parts!

Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Smokec10Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Smokec11Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Smokec12Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Smokec13Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Smokec14Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Smokec15

Another highlight is the toolbox that consists of than 20 (!) single parts to be glued or soldered in place!

Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Toolbo13Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Toolbo14Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Toolbo15

The amount of details in the toolbox is most amazing! The hinges of the cover can be assembled working and even the tiny weld lines are depicted with the two crank supports!

For the benefit of correct scale thickness the gear inspection hatch and steel plate where it is mounted on are multi layered parts - a clever move!


This set is albsolutely mandatory for anybody who wants to superdetail the DML Panzer 38(t)! The PE thickness is optimal for easy assembly and uncomplicated in handling! Although the smoke candle rack needs some patience to assemble everything goes together very well and is a joy to work with! Well done Griffon!

Very highly recommended!

Thanks to Griffon for the review sample!
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Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior Empty Re: Griffon Panzer 38(t) Exterior

Post  ShawnGehling on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:42 pm

Thanks Laura,
My favorite German AFV is now going to look better, although that's a lot of brass for
someone like me Embarassed affraid affraid affraid
I'm sure you brass experts will jump all over this stuff.
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