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RB 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel

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RB 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel Empty RB 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel

Post  sharkmouth on Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:09 am

RB 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel 35B23

Product Code 35B23

RB keeps increasing their range of barrels. This release is for the 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel as used by the Crusader Mk. III. Cromwell Mk.I, and Churchills Mk.III and Mk. IV.

In a plain ©️Ziploc bag with a printed label we find three parts for this barrel. They are the gun tube in aluminum and two brass counterweights.

The turned aluminum is well done but there is some light tooling marks, it is not as finished as the Armorscale items but, then again, the price is much less. The muzzle does have the gear teeth cut to simulate rifling. I usually drill it out a bit to flatten the lands for a better visual appearance.

The breech end is tapered so it becomes obvious that this set is designed for Tamiya's Cromwell where it is a simple replacement. Using it on other kits will require more work to adapt.

A choice of counterweights is given and the barrel matches plans found in Tank magazine. I do like the choice of muzzle brakes as one simply slides on the chosen item to the muzzle end of the barrel. The end result is very nice and a great enhancement to the Tamiya kit but I find it quite a bit of work to adapt to the new AFV Club Churchill kits.

This set was bought from Old Dog Models.

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RB 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel Empty Re: RB 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel

Post  Richard Marchand on Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:39 pm

Nice review.

Great idea about the 2 counterweight.
Richard Marchand
Richard Marchand

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