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AFV Club AG35022 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel

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AFV Club AG35022 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel Empty AFV Club AG35022 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel

Post  sharkmouth on Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:22 am

AFV Club AG35022 57mm OQF 6 Pdr. Mk.V L/50 Barrel AG35022

With the release of AFV Club's Churchill tanks, aftermarket companies have ramped up their releases to bring these superb models to another level of detail. AFV Club is known for producing their own upgrades and this release is a barrel which can be used on the Churchill Mk.III kit as well as for conversion of the kit to Mk.IV (although I expect AFV Club to release this and other variants in the near future).

The barrel comes in plain view in a stapled vacuum-formed blister package with a sponge insert. The cardboard header allows for it to be hung on a pegboard int he hobby shop.

The turning and machining is very nicely done and it does match the plans in Tank magazine as well as good proportions based on comparisons to photographs.

The breech end is specifically designed for the AFV Club Churchill kit and has the keyed peg. It fits perfectly into the kit part without any play.

While the header does claim the barrel can be used on the Cromwell Mark I and the Crusader Mark III, plenty of work drilling out the respective kits would be needed to fit this barrel.

The counterweight at the muzzle end is one of two types seen so be wary if using a photograph of a specific modeling subject as to which is needed.

It is a very well designed product which is limited only by the machined on counterweight and the lack of rifling. Recommended.

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