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New from AK Interactive

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New from AK Interactive  Empty New from AK Interactive

Post  Jenny Ryan on Mon May 07, 2012 1:04 pm

Well I got a lovely parcel in the mail today from Mig Jimenez of AK Interactive . These are the latest and greatest in has range of paints , weathering and finishing products .

First off we have this most excellent set
AK550 Afrika Korps Colors which not only has the specific shades applicable to DAK vehicles but also on the back there is actual vehicle examples to inspire you Very Happy
New from AK Interactive  Ak5

New from AK Interactive  Ak6

For those of us who have a Humvee or maybe one of the new MRAP vehicles on the workbench there is
AK 120 OIF & OEF Weathering set for modern desert vehicles and not only does it contain an acrylic US base color but also a vehicle wash color and a streaking effect fluid .
New from AK Interactive  Ak7

For US vehicle fans there is
AK131 US Olive Drab a modulation set of six paints for Olive drab vehicles , I really see great benefit in this technique on vehicles in OD which can look bland in a singular tone , I guess this is the effectiveness in a wartime situation . The set comes with a full step by step guide on the techniques used .
New from AK Interactive  Ak8

New from AK Interactive  Ak9

Next up is a simlar set but this time
AK 124 German Red Primer for late war or paper panzer projects or even a factory scene , again six tones and again this set will add a lovely range of hues to a model , showing every edge and surface beautifully .
New from AK Interactive  Ak10

New from AK Interactive  Ak11

Next we have the
AK Interactive Catalogue , well worth the investment , it covers the entire range of products and gives examples of how to use each product and of course lots of Migs lovely models to look at .
New from AK Interactive  Ak1

AK 119 Perfect Cleaner now it is specially designed to clean acrylic paint from tools brushes and airbrushes ! Honestly if it helps clean my airbrush I am sold ! Anything to make that most boring of jobs easier cheers (I'll let you know how it goes Wink )
New from AK Interactive  AK2

AK 118 Gravel and Sand fixer for dioramas and terrain , this is going to be awesomely useful .
New from AK Interactive  Ak3

AK 300 Enamel Wash for German Vehicles in Dark Yellow , well it is the most popular color in the most popular countrys models so it really is a no brainer than this pre mixed wash is going to be great !
New from AK Interactive  Ak4

More fantastic goodies from AK Interactive , many thanks to Mig (you owe me 57, 837 emails) Jimenez for sending me the review samples and stay tuned to my builds and we will see how they look on upcoming models Very Happy

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