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New Figgies and more from Dragon

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New Figgies and more from Dragon Empty New Figgies and more from Dragon

Post  G Cooper Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:21 pm

I have a feeling that this set will be a popular group of figures to get. And they all look excellent to me (at least in the CAD pics). I will first admit that I think Dragon figures are the best you can get in polystyrene. But I am still a little (really just a little) unhappy that they don't ever seem to release a set of figures that look like they all actually go together! Every figure is in a diffrent uniform. But at least in this one there are three of them that are sporting the same weapon, instead of Dragons usual 3 or even 4 diffrent weapons.

New Figgies and more from Dragon 6692poster

And they are also coming out with this nice looking little Pz III.

New Figgies and more from Dragon 7385poster

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