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Uschi van der Rosten news

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Uschi van der Rosten news Empty Uschi van der Rosten news

Post  Uschi van der Rosten on Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:00 pm

Hey everybody!

Those of you who ever had the pleasure to put their hands on one of those
WingnutWings kits, surely have noticed the phantastic artworks / color profiles inside of of the manuals.
These marvelous pieces of art has been created by Ronny Bar, one of the most
accomplished aircraft graphic artists today.

Ronny and Uschi has teamed up, so what you see on the new products
is THE ORIGINAL wood grain-pattern used in the manuals of all those phantastic WNW kits!!!
Do you think WNW would opt for anything less as the best available?
Naah, you donĀ“t right? :-)

You may have noticed that many of the german, austrian and italian aircraft was built with brighter kinds of wood,
like birch wood for example, right?
Thats what helps you exactely on those. The project name is WGSF-48 super fine.

NEW:!!! You can use filter-colors with oils, as on the previous decals, or you can just leave them as they are and seal them with a lil Tamiya acrylic clear or clear orange. The decals will be availabe VERY SOON via all the currently connected resellers and of course via the uschi-shop on Now you can start your "Bright birch wood Albatros in bare wood style! :-) Enjoy! :-)

Stay tuned for more soon! :-)


Uschi van der Rosten news Image

Uschi van der Rosten news Image

More info?
Here you go:


Uschi van der Rosten
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Be nice to me I am new

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Uschi van der Rosten news Empty Re: Uschi van der Rosten news

Post  Jenny Ryan on Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:35 pm

Having tried your wood grain decals I can see why again you are excited Very Happy , I can imagine a whole host of uses for these ones Very Happy .

Jenny flower
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