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Verlinden announced relases

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Verlinden announced relases Empty Verlinden announced relases

Post  G Cooper on Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:53 am

As is the norm with Verlinden what they refer to as a "new release" is quite often a mish-mash of previous releases cobbled together to give us a new package. While it certainly is true that not everyone has every Verlinden past release, it is in my mind anyways just a little bit deceptive to call some of these "new". But for those that don't already have any of the old pieces these could certainly be worthwhile to acquire if you have the need. Or like me just the urge to buy new things What a Face

Anyways, here we go.

A cool little forward area maintenance set that they call a bridge crane.

Verlinden announced relases Bridgecrane2

Verlinden announced relases Bridgecrane1

This one they call Dingo stowage and commander. As I see it, this is all old pieces with the commander being their older "artillery officer" with a new right arm Rolling Eyes

Verlinden announced relases 2696

Verlinden announced relases 2696-1

This one is M-16 stowage and crew. Help me please to spot the new stuff here if you can.

Verlinden announced relases M16stowageb

Verlinden announced relases M16stowagea

Heres one that at least they labeled totally correctly as a re-release. German/Nazi building emblems.

Verlinden announced relases Rereleaseemblems

And lastly this one which could be used as background filler. Maybe watching a KV rumbling past to free the Motherland or something.

Verlinden announced relases 2692

As I stated above. If you don't have any of these, they are certainly worth a look. But I am just greatfull that Verlinden isn't in the restaraunt business Suspect , as I wouldn't really be all that happy paying today for last months porkchops affraid .

Gary Cool

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Verlinden announced relases Empty Re: Verlinden announced relases

Post  S P Hammerton on Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:09 am

Hi Gary

It's a little sad when a company like Verlinden can't seem to keep up with the newer manufacturers.


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S P Hammerton
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