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Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso

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Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso Empty Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso

Post  John Short on Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:10 am

I know this isn’t a tank Embarassed but I was so impressed by it I thought I would do a quick kit review on it. This is the first WW1 aircraft I have ever bought / built so I was a bit worried about what I was getting myself into when I purchased it, but once it arrived & I had a look at the kit my concerns vanished. Apart from the rigging of the wings it looks like it will be a pretty straight forward build.

The Wingnut Wings web site is great. You can view & download a copy of the instructions for the kit. They have online hints & tips for building the kit. They also have archival photos etc available for the aircraft. Their online shop was easy to use & they do free shipping of the kits! Total price of the kit to my door was $57.13 Aussie dollars.

The kit contains:
1 Small PE fret, seat belt & gun sight.
1 Small fret of clear parts.
4 frets of grey plastic bits, that on first inspection look free of flash & have nicely engraved panel lines. You also get two choices of fuselage, one with tight fabric & one with wrinkled fabric.
1 sheet of really nice looking decals, one option is an Aussie machine (main reason I bought this kit).
And finally the instructions which are the best I’ve ever seen, AFV or Aircraft!

Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso WINGNUT018

Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso WINGNUT019

Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso WINGNUT020

Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso WINGNUT021

Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso WINGNUT022
John Short
John Short
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Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso Empty Re: Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso

Post  John T on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:01 pm

That looks like a very nice bi-wingy thingy! And a great review too, thanks John.


John T
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