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Post  Jenny Ryan on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:17 am

Very Happy Well when I came home from work today I had a nice packet full of goodies from my friend Mig and the gang from AK Interactive bounce bounce bounce

First off & isn't it always the way ? You get just the stuff you need to weather your Bison I Very Happy . except you get it the day after you finish your build Razz ! Oh well , I will just have to schedule another Panzer Grey kit into the build schedule Wink !
AK Interactive News Panzergrey1

Here is whats in the set , a Brown Blue wash for Panzer grey , a blue filter to adjust the Panzer grey paint to a more correct blue tone & Streaking grime again designed for contrast for Panzer grey ! The wash and streaking grime colour is available seperately so far and hopefully the filters will be soon also .
AK Interactive News Panzergrey2

This set is a great weathering set for heavy Mud , brilliant and this time it is just what I need for an upcoming build Wink
AK Interactive News Newstuffearth1

The set contains A dark earth pigment , Kursk Earth Wash , A satchet of a white powder (I really wonder how this set got through customs lol! ) which is Plaster to mix with the other effects to provide substance and thickening , just like real mud , A wet effects fluid which gives that wet mud effect and can be used to simulate water puddles and rain on vehicles & a damp earth colour , so really everything you need to create the muddy effects that look so brilliantly realistic on your models.
AK Interactive News Newstuffearth2

Equally handy is this set . for engine & metal weathering .
AK Interactive News Enginetrack1

The set contains two pigments , first is a nice rich rusty colour for tank tracks or similar unpainted steel surfaces & secondly a special Dark steel Pigment which once applied is buffable to a deep lustre with careful polishing and is ideal for metal contact surfaces of tracks or even the rims of tanks that polish due to rubbing . Next is engine oil which is great around engines , engine decks , hydraulics or any areas that lubricants seep out like wheel bearings etc . Engine grime is another in the grime range and represents the colour where lubricants and dust mix and is a grey colour , ideal for crevices and horizontal surfaces of engines or where grease comes into contact with dust , lastly is Track wash to give a rusty definition to steel tracks or rusted metals .
AK Interactive News Enginetrack2

Lastly is a great book on modelling by a modeller called "Doctor Cranky" , I have only had a brief flick through the book and where the topic is more about car models , it has some really good stuff in it , there are high gloss amazing vehicles with sophistimicated paint schemes through to rusty Jalopies to graffiti painted wrecks to unbelievably realistic dioramas . I really am going to enjoy studying the techniques of these car fanatics . Along with the good Doctors models are those of other car modellers and I see the familiar name of Chuck Doan who is one of the most unbelievably realistic diorama builders of our time !
AK Interactive News Drcranky

I hope to be able to show you all the techniques for these products in my future builds .

Jenny flower
Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan
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Post  G Cooper on Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:24 pm


the Panzer grey and the heavy muddy stuff look great. I can hardly wait to see you use some of em to see what they look like.

Gary Cool

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G Cooper
G Cooper
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Post  John T on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:30 pm

Sweet!!!! I want to try that mud set for sure, and the engine and track set. Brilliant!!


John T
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