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More Eduard stuff

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More Eduard stuff Empty More Eduard stuff

Post  G Cooper on Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:32 pm

I think it would be a full time job just trying to keep up with all the stuff these guys are churning out. As I can hardly keep up with just the 1/35th armor stuff, and they are putting out about 10 times as much new stuff for wingy thingys Shocked .

Anyways. This time around they are showing as available now :

Photo Etch sets for Spz Marder 1 A5 from Revell at $29.95

Wiesel LeFlaSys ( Question ) also for Revell at $22.95

Soviet insignia/medals. really cool prepainted (meaning really easy) bits to detail up almost any Soviet WWII era figure. at $22.95

And one I still don't really understand Suspect Leaves/ferns (enough to do only 1 plant Mad ) at $22.95 affraid . That would be one very expensive little potted plant in my opinion(especially if you see what you can get for that much money from Kamizukuri Wink .

And then there is the future releases Very Happy

BMP 3 from Trumpeter at $32.95

Camo netting at $29.95 (I think this might be the new style "buffalo" type that the Australian (I think that is somewhere near Austramalaria Razz )army is/was experimenting with recently

M7 Priest sets for the fenders, and the ammo boxes (two diffrent sets) for the Dragon kit at $24.95 each

And the one I will probably get a couple sets of, Whermacht pre colored radio equipment at $24.95.

That should be enough to keep my fingers superglued together for a week or two, when they will undoubtedly release more stuff for us all to consider.

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