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Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale

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Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale Empty Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale

Post  eatcrow2 Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:20 am

This is one of the newer releases from this Polish company that I picked up about a month ago. Info here from Modelik's website.
Modelik 14/08

* Number of paper sheets with parts to cut out,
size of the kit: 13 x A4
* Number of constuction pictures: 8 x A4
* Difficulty level of the model in 1-5 scale
(1-very simple, 5-very complicated): 5
* Computer preperation of the project
scale: 1:25
growth of the constructed model: 219 mm
author of the project: Jerzy Janukowicz

My impressions are, that this one of the nicest looking cardmodels that I have seen .. Graphics are superb. The instructions are in Polish, but the 8 pages of diagrams look to be more then enough to go by. Has complete interior detail.. From what I can gather from the markings, I think it was a part of a Polish unit attached with the British.. When I ever get around to doing it, I'll do a little more research.. I estimate this to be well over 800+ parts give or take.

One thing I like about most of these card kits, is that you get the name of the designer. I'll be looking to pick up any of his upcoming releases.

Cover plate..
Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale 200814

Some of the part pages.. too many to post them all..
Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale Sun59005
Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale Sun59006

Some of the diagram pages...
Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale Sun59007
Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale Sun59008
Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale Sun59004

Photos of the white "beta" build...
Staghound Mk I "Modelik" 1/25 scale Sun59003
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