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Dragon Eastern Front Tank Hunters Gen 2

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Dragon Eastern Front Tank Hunters Gen 2 Empty Dragon Eastern Front Tank Hunters Gen 2

Post  Jenny Ryan on Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:08 am

The quality of the Dragon Gen 2 figures has earned them the reputation as being the best 1:35 scale plastic figures on the market .

Dragon Eastern Front Tank Hunters Gen 2 Scan0017

This set of four Tank Hunters only goes to raise the bar a bit higher . As can be seen from the box art the figures are not from a single unit , infact the two figures from the Panzerschreck squad are the only two which fit into a diorama or vignette together being both wearing summer Field grey uniforms , a choice of panzerschrek with or without shield is included , obviously firing without the shield meant the firer had to wear gloves & gasmask , this option is included with both head types & gloved , ungloved hands are too . The loader has a choice of looking in the direction that the weapon is aimed or looking back as if communicating with a spotter which would offer a great action scene for a diorama .

The third tank hunter is a german infantryman in winter reversable splinter coat , panzerfaust aimed in the conventional shoulder position , although the box says Eastern Front , both this figure & the other two could easily be in a scene set in western Europe . The detail of his drawstring waist band is fantastic , as good as any resin casting .

The fourth figure looks very cool & is a HitlerJugend youth firing the panzerfaust in a standing position , obviously a berlin defender recruited in the final months of the war as a desperately vain attempt to stop the russian advance . He is wearing his characteristic black uniform & is distinctly smaller framed than the other three figures . I can not wait to give him his own vignette !

Along with the figure sprues we have two rifle sprues , that is a rifle for each man , plus spare clips of ammo . A Panzerfaust sprue with two Panzerfausts with a choice of cocked or safe Panzerfaust triggers , plus a Panzerfaust carry case & a all new Panzerschrek sprue with the Panzerschrek , 4 round of ammo & an ammo box .

The equipment sprues are the now familiar Gen 2 sprues , one of DS plastic with bread bags , ammo pouches , shelter quarters for six figures (allowing heaps of spare bits ) & the other Helmets , entrenching tools bayonets etc etc again for six figures .

Rounding the box off is a etch fret with helmet straps , slings , Belt buckles & safety pins for the panzerfausts , & a decal sheet with markings for the two panzerfausts , the carry case , the Panzerschrek ammo & box .

Dragon have again excelled with this set & with easy followed instructions , again drawn like the box art by the legendary Ron Volstad .
I would rate this to all german figure lovers as a 95%

Jenny Very Happy
Jenny Ryan
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