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Dragon German 1st Cavalry Division Russia 1941 Gen 2

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Dragon German 1st Cavalry Division Russia 1941 Gen 2 Empty Dragon German 1st Cavalry Division Russia 1941 Gen 2

Post  Jenny Ryan Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:01 am

Dragon German 1st Cavalry Division Russia 1941 Gen 2 DR6216

This is the latest of the Gen 2 Figure sets from Dragon that I have received .There is no doubt to the popularity of the Gen 2 figures & a quick examination of the box contents will show you why , 5 sprues of crisply detailed plastic & two beautiful etch frets of brass .

The two cavalry men come on one sprue & are made up of 20 pieces each ! This does not include webbing , helmets or any etch ! They are in similarly unanimated poses as are the horses .

The quality of the accessories is what sets gen 2 figures apart from the competitors & bearing in mind there are only two figures you get 6 each of water bottles, helmets, bayonets stowed, gas mask containers, entrenching tools stowed & mess tins . 8 breadbags ,4 shelter quarters ,gas capes, map cases, binoculars, pistol holsters, an abundance of ammo pouches etc means there are heaps of upgrades for other figures &/or stowage for vehicles .

Two beautifully cast Mauser Kar98k's with hollow barrels & sights are on a seperate sprue with optional open/closed bolts & ten 4round ammo clips complete the mass of personal equipment enclosed in the box .

The two horses come on a seperate sprue with eleven pieces each to the horse plus pack saddle , riding saddle, saddle bags & blanket moulded seperately . The saddle blanket is the only part of the saddle moulded to the horse. The quality of moulding of the horses is superb , easily the best I have seen in any medium in this scale with full muscle detail on the withers & necks .

The horses have optional heads with open or closed mouth , the bridle is moulded to the horses head on both .

On the larger of the two etch frets which I must say is as fine in definition as any after market etch I have seen is the girth strap, replacement of part of the bridle, stirrups , spurs ,horse shoes & of course the traditional cavalry curb bit & twin reins .I will also say if you are unfamiliar with riding tack you may struggle with the vague instructions as to assembly of this area .

Rounding off this fine kit is a small fret of etch containing optional belt buckles, Eppaulettes & badges .

For more details of the kit & parts breakdown see the kit on the Dragon website

In summary I will say that this kit is recommended for the more advanced builder as the Photoetch which is necessary for this kit has very vague instructions & there are easier first PE kits around . Having said this ,those who are familiar with riding tack will have little problems & will welcome this choice of material & the bonus bits will come in handy . There is scope for conversion if modelling a column of cavalry & with the extra equipment included the only additions would be an aftermarket head & weapons .

I am certainly looking forward to building this pair with the added challenge of painting the horses Very Happy I would rate the kit

85% marking it down only for poor instructions Very Happy
Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan
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