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Dragon does another Pz IV.

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Dragon does another Pz IV. Empty Dragon does another Pz IV.

Post  G Cooper on Fri May 17, 2013 11:52 pm

I reallly think that Dragon will eventually do not just every mark and variation of the Pz IV. But every single individual one that the Germans produced Rolling Eyes . Not that that is a bad thing really. Because these Pz IV kits are really beautiful, and I personally like the any vehicle in a DAK paint job What a Face .

Dragon does another Pz IV. C_DRA6779_00_zpsc8506b5b

Dragon does another Pz IV. B_DRA6779_01_zps64e3c76b

Dragon does another Pz IV. B_DRA6779_02_zps97ffa6d9

And I know a lot of people complain about them, but I really really like the one piece tracks. In my opinion they give you a really nice set of tracks while keeping the cost of the kit down just that much more, not to mention the fact that I am almost totally bald now from pulling my hair out doing individual tracks for kits Suspect .

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Dragon does another Pz IV. Empty Re: Dragon does another Pz IV.

Post  John Short on Sat May 18, 2013 7:56 am

It looks good Gary and I’m with you on the one piece tracks, I love em.
John Short
John Short
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