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New from Tank Models

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New from Tank Models Empty New from Tank Models

Post  Jenny Ryan on Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:51 am

There are five great new figure sets released from Tank model this month

T-35136 German SPG Crew ( Winter 1941-45)
New from Tank Models 136_zps98e2465c

T-35137 German infantryman on motorcycle (winter 1941-44)
New from Tank Models 137_zps9fe2cf1a

T-35138 German motorcyclist & MG-34/42 (winter 1941-44)
New from Tank Models 138_zpse82d338e

T-35139 German motorcyclists (winter 1941-44) (2)
New from Tank Models 139_zps715ff921

These four sets can combine for one heavily laden motorcycle
New from Tank Models 734_467318553304816_1479136425_n_zpsaf4a9d54

T-35140 Soviet infantry with PTRD (winter 1941-43) (2)
New from Tank Models 140_zps85956b4e

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New from Tank Models Empty Re: New from Tank Models

Post  G Cooper on Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:23 pm

You have found some really cool looking figures there. And I really do like the figures from Tahk. They are great. And those motormacycle guys look like they all should be on a really really cold snowey diorama. Somewhere that is cold. In the snow. What a Face

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