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New from AFV Interiors

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New from AFV Interiors Empty New from AFV Interiors

Post  Jenny Ryan on Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:47 am

I have just got this awesome DVD

German Tank Interiors Part 1 . PzKfw I to Pzkfw IV
New from AFV Interiors AFVinterior

Included are full virtual tours of Pz I Ausf A , Befehlswagen I , Pz II Ausf C/F , Luchs , Wespe Marder II , Pz III F/L/N Stug III D/G Stuh III G , Pz IV Ausf D/E/G , Heuschrecke , Jagdpanzer IV Lang , Brummbar , Hummel , Wirbelwind , Mobelwagen and Kugelblitz . The interiors are 360% panoramic tours like the Panther on the AFV Interiors website with a key for each crew members view , so if you want to see the turret interior of a wirbelwind from a drivers perspective you can ! Also as well as these interior panoramas are detail photos of communications , optics , viewing scopes , engines , weapons plus full exterior walarounds plus numerous historic shots of vehicles .

This DVD is essential buying for all German armour fans , the next thing to owning your own tank ! The DVD is available direct from the AFV Interiors Website for twenty five pounds UK which is about $38 Australian and is superb value for money

Jenny flower
Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan
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New from AFV Interiors Empty Re: New from AFV Interiors

Post  G Cooper on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:36 pm

This looks like it is way sweet! Very Happy

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