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Masterbox France 1944

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Masterbox France 1944 Empty Masterbox France 1944

Post  Jenny Ryan on Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:54 pm

One of the most refreshing things about Masterbox is that they continue to break new ground with their excellent kits , dioramas in a box , soldiers in scenarios not catered by other companies , interacting with civilians and that is exactly what we get with this kit.

France 1944 , is a scene where paratroopers , dropped on D-Day or perhaps Operation Market Garden , are helping a young lady with her child to sanctuary , the war has suddenly dropped into her backyard and the soldiers , seeing a Nun with wagon can see the opportunity to get them to safety .
Masterbox France 1944 France19441

Masterbox France 1944 France19442

Now in typical Masterbox style there are not six but eight , yes eight figures in the box which gives even more options in this kit . The bonus figures are the two civilians from "Somewhere in Europe" ,1944 . The farmer figure will give a slightly different scenario with a farmer being stopped or perhaps they could be fellow refugees in the back of the wagon, being also offered sanctuary ? Or simply used in a different diorama perhaps , either way they are great figures , bound to be useful cheers . The horses are the same brilliant horses included with the other wagons .

Masterbox France 1944 France19443

For those familiar with the Masterbox wagon kit , I am pleased to tell you that the wagon from "Farmers Cart", Europe, WWII Era , "Somewhere in Europe" ,1944 or "Road to the Rear" is in fact a different wagon to this wagon which is a closed in version . Now there is no load or cover for the wagon , but in a way it helps the modeller expand the storyline in their own unique way . What would the Nun be carrying in the back of a wagon ? Food for evacuees ? Medical aid ? Perhaps an injured soldier ? Maybe to add a new dimension to the scenario , the soldier may be German ? I can even imagine the nun carrying boxes of papers and bookwork , these parishes would have perhaps hundreds of years worth of documentation on Christenings , marriages and funerals , for the churches work these documents are priceless records of the churches history and the Nun could be taking them away from her church , the steeple of which is now a snipers roost and uused by artillery spotters perhaps . Perhaps she carries a coffin ? A sombre reminder of the cost of the fighting .

Masterbox France 1944 France19444

The third sprue carries the six figures of the box art . Three Paratroopers , two riflemen equipped with Garands pouches and backpacks , they also have bandoliers and entrenching tools , giving the impression of well equipped self contained soldiers equipped with everything to keep them self sufficient for days behind enemy lines , the baggy type nature of the uniforms is helped by the seperate lower tunics which will hang realistically when assembled . The third Para , the officer flagging down the wagon is equipped a lot lighter with the characteristic Thompson & Pouches , canteen , bandage pack and pistol.

The break down of parts for the Nun is certainly different to any other figure I have seen but very logical for her clothing . The lady and her daughter have more traditional parts break down with the lady having a multi part skirt .
Masterbox France 1944 France19445

Of particular note is the amazingly detailed wicker bag that the soldier is carrying for the lady he is supporting , how good is that going to look under a wash and subtle drybrushing ?
Masterbox France 1944 France19446

The pouches and bandoliers are already moulded to the figures contours , the cam net on the helmets is great too with a bit of scrim or folige being all that is needed to complete them .
Masterbox France 1944 France19447

The skirt the woman is wearing is in four pieces and is a brilliant way to provide the undercut for it and hanging loose from the legs of the figure .
Masterbox France 1944 France19448

The officer , with some of the excellently detailed weapons , the facial expressions on all the figures is superbly done.
Masterbox France 1944 France19449

Master Box have done it again , if you like the era , then you will want this set , options galore and a diorama straight out of the box , perhaps you want to add a slightly different twist to it or add perhaps a wounded para being helped by a comrade , also destined to be helped by the Nun ? The choices and uses are numerous.

Full marks to Masterbox , for being IMHO the best plastic figure manufacturer , not just for originality but also for their excellent quality and the consistant release of quality products . Highly recommended .

My thanks to Alexander , Marina and Mary from Masterbox for the opportunity to review such a great kit from them.

Jenny flower
Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan
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Masterbox France 1944 Empty Re: Masterbox France 1944

Post  ShawnGehling on Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:05 pm

Excellent review (as always).
I guess I'm going to have to find this one (in the only hobby shop in our area that sells
Master Box kits).
I can think of endless possibilities for this group of stuff too.
Thanks again
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