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More Great Allied Releases

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More Great Allied Releases Empty More Great Allied Releases

Post  Spanner 28 on Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:11 am

Hot on the heels of AFV clubs LVT 4 Annoncement Bronco have previewed a sweet looking 25 pdr with optional early and late (muzzle Break) barrels. If that wasn't good enough news they also have great looking crew for the 17 Pdr AT gun. It will be an interesting race to see whether DMl or Bronco get their 25 Pdr to market first.
Cyber Hobby have also previewed a 35th SAS Jeep so the allied releases continue as I imagine a DML Jeep or Jeeps wont be far behind.

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Spanner 28
Be nice to me I am new
Be nice to me I am new

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