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Making Weld Seams & using Duro Ribbon Putty

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Making Weld Seams & using Duro Ribbon Putty Empty Making Weld Seams & using Duro Ribbon Putty

Post  mikec on Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:08 am

Working with Duro….. Ribbon Putty
Weld Seems & Lines:
.....Working with ribbon putty is not hard, after you learn a few tricks. To make weld seems
you will need a piece of Teflon, or Nylon to roll the putty on. This is a two part epoxy putty.
One side is the putty, and the other side is the hardener. When cutting the putty try to
keep the two sides uniform, or even, this will affect the tackiness of the putty, and the drying time.
Put a couple drops of tap water on your rolling surface. Cut a small piece of putty off the carrier.
Knead with your fingers until you get a medium green color, through out the piece of putty. If the
putty starts to get tacky, and wants to stick to your fingers, put a few drop of tap water on them.
The tap water will slow down the drying time, of the putty, and also help to keep it from sticking
on everything. Be careful how much water you use or the putty will became unworkable. With
your finger roll the putty until it is the diameter that you want the weld seem to be. I usually
work with pieces of putty that are 1 to 1 ½ inches long. Place the putty where you want the
weld to be. Using the end of a paper clip, held at a 45 deg angle make the impression in the
putty. Put a drop of water on the clip, so it does not stick to the putty. I have three or four
different sizes of paper clips that I use. Depending on the diameter of the weld that I want
to make, and where it is located.
.....Let welds dry 24 hours before putting paint over them. It may take a little practice rolling
the putty, and keeping the whole weld line the same diameter. Take your time and make sure
to keep you weld lines strait….. Or they will look like s***…. And you will end up loosing points
on you construction skills.
.....If you build interiors in your armor, these welds look extremely good, and brings some life to
the model………. Weld lines are Great for open toped fighting vehicles.
Some people have said… “That I do not know when to quit, adding detail”. Might-Be True. But
I say… “If you build for IPMS..model shows, you can never have enough detail”. This is where you
get most of your points.

.....Filling seem lines and, Bad fitting model parts

I us Ribbon putty for all of my putty work. From filling seems.. To plugging up holes.
It is also one of the secrete materials used by figure makers. It can be used with Lead, Pouter,
and White Metal, Resins, and of course Styrene.
.....When using Ribbon putty on your seems and bad fitting parts, push the putty into the affected
area. Remove excess putty, and use tap water and your finger to smooth out the area. It is great
for filling in the wing root-fuselage area on aircraft. Of course do not forget the seem lines on the
top, and bottom of the fuselage.

.....You can buy Duro Ribbon putty at Walmart & at your better hardware stores.

.....Remember to wash your hand with hot, soapy water after handling Ribbon putty....
If you live in the state of Ca. you my get cancer from using this product. It contains Epoxy and Amine Resin.
Making Weld Seams & using Duro Ribbon Putty Dsc00117
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