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De Havelland DH/98 Mosquito FB/VI & NF/II

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De Havelland DH/98 Mosquito    FB/VI & NF/II Empty De Havelland DH/98 Mosquito FB/VI & NF/II

Post  mikec on Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:20 am

Hi Guys & Gals,

Books .....there are many book on the Mosquito adaptable. I am not going to
list them all. If you only buy one book, you may want to consider the book
by Dave Brown. It is a excellent Ref.
The only problem I have with it, is, it does not deal with the history of
the Mosquito squadrons. You can get it at Spruce Brothers.
De Havelland DH/98 Mosquito    FB/VI & NF/II Samag010
New book received...... Scale Aircraft Modeling....... Combat Colors
number-6...... De Havilland Mosquito... Day, and Night Fighters in RAF
service: 1941 to 1945.
Excellent color guide, for picking a paint scheme.......

Hannants has two new set of 1/24 scale decals out for the Mossie.
One is an and-on too the ones provided by Airfix. The other deals with
Special Operations Coastal Command, and Mosquito squadrons in the
South Eastern Asian Theater of Operations.

For the modelers that will be building a 1/48, or 1/72 scale Mossie, you
may want to check out Hannants. The have a very large selection of kits,
add-ons, conversions, and decals for quarter scale, and 1/72. A better
selection than I can remember in any one place. I could spend a lot of
money in books alone, they have a great selection.

There Address is: Hannants.... Harbor road..Ouiton Broad..... Lowestoft....
NR32 3LZ..... England.

There URL is:

This URL will bring you to the 1/24 scale Mosquito, Parogon Designs
resin add-ons. For other scales after making it to the site, do a search
under Mosquito. I will bring up all of the Mossie items, in all scales.

De Havelland DH/98 Mosquito    FB/VI & NF/II Gpsamc10
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De Havelland DH/98 Mosquito    FB/VI & NF/II Empty Re: De Havelland DH/98 Mosquito FB/VI & NF/II

Post  ShawnGehling on Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:45 am

Great review, I'm not a "Wingy Thingy" kinda guy, but this looks pretty cool.
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