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Reality In Scale Carpets , Wallpaper , Marble Floor & Parquet floor

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Reality In Scale Carpets , Wallpaper , Marble Floor & Parquet floor Empty Reality In Scale Carpets , Wallpaper , Marble Floor & Parquet floor

Post  Jenny Ryan on Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:45 am

I just love the amount of materials available now to make it easier to model a true scale scene in 1/35 scale .

Reality In Scale are well known for going that extra step in detail . Such is the case with this latest batch of their goodies .

35001 Carpets on Real Cloth Scale 1/48 - 1/35 - 54mm

This flocked carpet is beautiful , having realistic look , and feel , these are obviously scaled down examples of real carpet , beautifully printed in such fine detail . The one thing that they depict well is the true matt nature of carpets as well , which gives us a chance to put some realistic colour to our models and dioramas . The sheet is 15 cm x 20 cm and contains seventeen carpets/rugs as well as one long hall or stair runner .

Well these carpets will be great in a intact house model or under some rubble with a bombed out place , but imagine also rolled in the back of a truck , or wrapped around a looted grandfather clock or Reality In Scale framed paintings to prevent chafing as it is strapped to the engine deck . Perhaps a soldier is using one as an improvised groundsheet as he sleeps, maybe one is being used to keep a supply of ready artillery ammunition clean , or perhaps one appears in the back of a caravan used by fleeing refugees . A vignette as a soldier enters a house , muddy feet soiling the carpet as he cautiously enters , knowing the enemy may be on the other side of a wall .

35122 Wallpaper F Scale 1/35 - 54mm

For those who have experience Reality In Scales excellent maps , they will know that they use extra thin 60 gram paper . Again it is used here in the wallpaper which will allow highly realistic damage . The style of this wallpaper is of the 1930's and 1940's and being that two runs are provided on the A4 sheet there is enough to wallpaper a standard 1/35 room . The height of the wall paper is generous , to cut to fit the height of the wall , one needs a very sharp new scalpel blade and cut on the top of the patterned bottom section and the excess removed from the dark brown section leaving the top trim intact .

Once again in combination with other Reality In scale products such as their Framed Paintings the wall can look amazingly realistic .

I suggest for a bombed out building to cut the pieces vertically into 2cm widths and have some unrolled from the wall and hanging down ( the advantage of the thin width ) due to the vibrations loosening them from the wall , or ripped with splinters of plaster from Bullet holes .

35113 Marble Floor Tiles Design D Scale 1/35 - 54mm

For those of us without Bob Lettermans' talent at creating marble flooring , there is a solution in this highly authentic Marble tiling , the 9 x 19 cm section has a high gloss of polished marble and by using multiple sheets a continuity can be achieved . Obviously this is an ideal modelling resource and can be used from any period from the Roman empire to Sadam Husseins palace ! I can imagine its being used for a vignette of the little general in classic pose . Of course a sharp knife and some removed tiles , some pigments and a less kept look can be achieved . A ornate bathroom perhaps ?

Combined with the carpets an amazing contrast in finish and texture gives a marvelous effect .

35119 Parquet Flooring Design B Scale 1/35 - 54mm

If anyone knows a better way to represent a highly polished Parquet flooring then I would love to know it ! This really is amazing , high sheen like a well polished floor the wood section is 19cm by 13cm , this would be ideal for a Tavern scene , upright piano against a wall , a small vignette aboard a ship or in a home scene .

With the use of some clutter and pigment a less kept look can be created , Unfortunately battle damage will not be as easy to create .

Again the combination with the floor mats can change the appearance and gives a nice change in texture .

Reality in Scale , just provide all the details a modeler can want . Go and check out their website to see other patterns and products they carry .

My thanks go to Olav of Reality in Scale for the review products

Jenny Croft

Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan
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Reality In Scale Carpets , Wallpaper , Marble Floor & Parquet floor Empty Re: Reality In Scale Carpets , Wallpaper , Marble Floor & Parquet floor

Post  ShawnGehling on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:19 pm

These sound really cool and I can think of a hundred uses for the, Any pictures?
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