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New from Resicast

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New from Resicast Empty New from Resicast

Post  Jenny Ryan Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:58 am

There are five new releases for October from Resicast

35.1210 Terrapin Mk I
New from Resicast 351210
Complete resin kit.
Tyres made using the latest CAD technology.
Master by Keyser Söze
The Terappin was the British equivalent of the DUKW and saw service during the Walcheren campaign. Over 500 were built.

Hmmmmmm wasn't Keyser Söze in the usual suspects ? Suspect

35.2321 Päck Howitzer ammo and up date set for Vision kit.
New from Resicast 3523212
Contains ammo tubes (open & closed) various ammunition and accessories.
Also contains rear trail, sighting euqipment and parts for British version

35.2322 Fascine carrier frame
New from Resicast 352322c0
Includes quick release mechanism.
Numerous assembly combinations possible.

35.2323105mm ammo crates
New from Resicast 3523230
Contains 10 ammo boxes (open & closed) lids, wing nuts & 20 closed containers

35.2324 Rum jars & crates
New from Resicast 352324
Contains 10 open and 15 closed jars. 5 closed and four open crates.

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