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Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan

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Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan Empty Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan

Post  sharkmouth on Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:49 am

Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan LAVIIIcanadian

Author Anthony Sewards and Miloslav Hraban
Editor Miloslav Hraban
Format Staple bound softcover landscape format.
Pub. year 2008
Price 17.00 Euro
Availability In print
Reviewed by Saul Garcia
Review date September 27, 2009

Real Model is best known for their modern armor conversion sets and now they have released a series of books named the "Modeler Photo Assistant" or MPA for short.

This is the first title and is a thin softcover printed on landscape format A4 paper. The covers are glossy heavy card stock and the pages are glossy paper. This is important as glossy and semi-matte both allow for better print quality. Two staples bind the 20 sheets (40 pages) pages together. This is not a bad approach for a modeler's magazine or booklet as it allows for it to remain open when on the workbench.

Flipping through the pages quickly, one will notice that it is a full color publication with large photos. There is no title page, we are immediately immersed into a photo essay of the LAV III. There are 111 different photographs of the vehicle in service in Afghanistan with only the rear photo being duplicated within the covers. The captions are full of information to assist the reader in understanding what they are viewing. The inner covers show the Real Model conversion box cover and four photos of the model completed by Miloslav Hraban.

Several photos hold great interest as they display a vehicle after IED (Improvised Explosive Device) damage. The camouflage schemes and weathering is clearly seen in the images and several photos give good clues for those wanting to place their model in a scenic setting.

There are eighteen photos which, while not intended to be detail photographs of the vehicle, are close enough to allow glimpses of the interior, various antenna set up, and stowage..

The various methods used by the crew to make their life a bit more comfortable with this vehicle are well illustrated. A second set of images covering a damaged vehicle also illustrates the recovery.

In conclusion, we have 111 photographs of this eight wheeled vehicle in service with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. While photos of these vehicles are available online or on CDs, the former has low resolution and both require a computer to be used on the modeler's workbench. This series of books therefore have a place for modelers tackling the new resin kits recently available from Real Model and is recommended for them.


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Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan Empty Re: Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan

Post  JKnaus on Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:29 pm

This is an awesome book. I got it when it first released. If your building the Realmodels conversion to make a Canadian LAV III this is a must have.
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