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Evolution figures

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Evolution figures Empty Evolution figures

Post  G Cooper on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:42 am

I have seen one or two of these figures already here. The one I remember is the guy pouring water on his head. Well I was just over on Terry's P M M S site and saw a couple more, so I went to the Evolution site and these are the ones that they are showing. They all look absolutley fantastic with the notable acception that the sculptor has a tendency to give everyone a really big lower jaw. Oh well, they are still fantastic to me anyways. And I have found them on diffrent distributors sites at anywhere from $16 - $19 U.S. for the single figures. A little higher for the two figure sets.

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs01

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs02

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs03

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs04

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs05

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs06

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs07

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs08

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs10

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs11

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs13

Evolution figures Evoloutionfigs14

I really like the modern Soviet tanker. I think he would look just perfect in front of a T-80 with the MiniArt turret Very Happy . Or the Russian Commisar standing in front of a burning barrel or little fire looking on as Russian soldiers march off to the front.

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Evolution figures Empty Re: Evolution figures

Post  kaleu on Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:15 am

I like these figures and I hope I can find some at the Nationals in August. My only gripe is with the Russian tanker figure. I wish more manufacturers would release russian tanker figures that are in the hatches and not out walking around with AK's. It can be frustrating at times to find crew figures for modern russian tanks. The only good ones I can recall right now are from TANK. The older DML russian tank crews are okay, but need a little help.
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