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Hitler's Last Bastion

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Hitler's Last Bastion Empty Hitler's Last Bastion

Post  Noel-Petroni on Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:31 am

Hitler's Last Bastion 80BE46DB

At the moment I'm on the last pages of this book that I would like to share with you.

I had taken up this book a few months ago but put it down because it's start was boring. However, I recently gave it another chance and endured the first part and started to get very good when the battle for Aachen was described.

The battles start with the battle through the door of Germany, Aachen and continues to drive through other cities.

Here you can fully understand the suffering the German population went through as Allies bombed most cities to the ground. German civilians, women, children and the elderly suffered horrible faiths.

The books picks up momentum when the invading Soviets into East Prussia are described. Here, your stomach churns and truly understand the suffering of German civilians especially the women. The plundering and the raping are described by surviving civilians.

By Fru E.O. who had been taken prisoner by the Russians on 29/1/45:

Excerpts: “……we were sorted out by age and sex. They opened our mouths and looked at our teeth. The men were taken away. We never saw them again. Only women and young girls of 15 remained. Now the rape of the young girls started. I watched as 15 year old H.N. from Elbing Trettinkenhof was raped by Russian soldiers on the open railroad platform.” “……I was 39 years old. One of the rooms of the temporary building was reserved for rapes……… first the young women were taken off. I was first taken by three Russians.........rapes were repeated twice a day, each time by more and more soldiers……….the 7th day was worst for me……..I couldn’t walk or lay down”

I have read a few books of Kurowski and the descriptions of the Soviet invasion into East Prussia and Berlin equal those of Berlin the Downfall by Anthony Beevor. Anyone interested in the final battles of Germany will like this book. There are even descriptions of what tanks were in action. For example, Tiger Tanks, King Tiger, Jagdpanther and also the units and division using them.


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Hitler's Last Bastion Empty Re: Hitler's Last Bastion

Post  iambrb on Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:45 pm

Thanks, Noel! I think this is the guy that did PANZER ACES.

I will try to find this book!
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