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how to do a tree!!! (1st PART)

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how to do a tree!!! (1st PART) Empty how to do a tree!!! (1st PART)

Post  Yago (hld77) on Wed May 27, 2009 2:44 am

Dear kids:

I would like to start this section with an easy tutorial.
Always we can put a tree o many trees in our dios, but we can ask "how can we do it?"
Always I have said that an image is worth more than thousand words.

Primarily we catch some trunks of dark pipe. In this occasion I obtained them of material of decoration of the houses. The thin trunk and the little disposition at the outset of branches facilitated me the subsequent work.

Once cut the custom-made trunks desired, there was that to do a lace stake species in the base. In this manner, the trunks would be able to be maintained on the base without having that to do another type of anchorages. The anchorages I did them with rod of plastic of 2 cm of long (approx.) and of 2.5 mm of diameter. Performing a hole in the base of the diorama and in the position where would go each one of the trees, then I was situating each one of them to see the result of the disposition of these with regard to the assembly.

After this step, the hour to characterize to each one of the trees arrives.

1º. Knowing that they are of high cup and of leafy little branches, I was performing marks with a marker for subsequently perform a small hole in each one of the marks. Of these holes the branches will leave that we will do with aid of wire. (Many tutorial exist of how do trees with wire on the internet. Any of them it can help you, at least, to have an idea of how carry out.) For the zone of the base or roots of the trees will do a framework with the wires. This will serve us at the same time of backup-base of the trunks. It is important to have clear this part, since already we have the drawing of the land performed. And the roots should be adapted to our base. Upon being trees of fine trunk the roots very should not be pronounced neither wide.

2º. Having the branches located in each one of the trunks is hour of covering the bark of the tree with a bath of putty diluído in acetone and subsequently to adapt putty of two components. For it we will do a lámida of this with the aid of a roller. Once it obtained the sheet, and without losing a lot of time, we will cover the bark of our tronquitos, to perform subsequently the marks of the bark with the aid of punches or of burins for shape. It is important to have it clear and not to lose a lot of time, since the putty in question of an hour or a little more already is dry.

3º. The branches, on the contrary they will not receive this layer of putty, but of putty diluted in acetone. It is convenient to leave a thick mixture, since thus we will assure us to cover well the branches and to dissemble the framework of these (the branches are facts of wire braided).

4º. Once we have the trunks and the branches we pass to the painting of the trunk and of the branches. The colors will depend on the location of the trees (geographical location) and of the station in which we find us or that we want to represent in our diorama (winter, spring, summer or autumn).

5º. After the process of painting is the hour to place the foliage of the branches. For it we will make use of some references that exist in the market and that the colors they provide ourselves and the typology of branches that want for our diorama. After it to have placed the foliages, we will sprinkle all with shellac. In this manner we will set well all. We will leave it to dry and already we will have our ready trees to place them in its place of the diorama.

Yago (hld77)
Yago (hld77)
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